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"On March 9 at VoiceCon 2006 in Orlando the one-X Quick Edition was awarded Best In VoiceCon® for its innovative IP telephony solution for very small businesses and small branches of enterprises.  It was selected by a vote of attendees at VoiceCon 2006, the leading conference and exhibition for enterprise voice, IP Telephony and convergence in North America.  At PC Magazine read its incredible review."

one-X Quick Edition Phones Available
4610SW IP Phone 4621SW IP Phone
Install the system yourself or hire our professional installers to install it for you

Avaya one-X Quick Edition delivers small offices and small branches of large enterprises with the most commonly requested features of business communications in a simple plug and play platform. With SIP-based peer-to-peer technology layered onto the proven 4610SW and 4621SW IP telephones and connected to the outside world via PSTN Gateway(s) the system configures itself.


In minutes, all users have access to the most commonly used set of features including voicemail, conferencing, auto-attendant and call management. By eliminating the need for centralized servers, Avaya one-X Quick Edition enables very small businesses and small branch offices to enjoy significant savings on system acquisition and installation costs.


Best of all Quick Edition grows with the needs of your business, as you add employees, simply add additional telephones – it’s that simple. SIP based peer to peer technology means that individual telephones participate in the system functions previously performed by a central server. By redistributing the workload out to the telephone, costs are reduced and system reliability is increased with the elimination of a single point of failure. All is this is achieved with no significant additional performance burden on the network.


Watch a demo movie of this incredible telephony solution.

Install the system yourself or hire our professional installers to install it for you

Avaya one-X Quick Edition Packages

Start Small, Grow Big

A great system for small companies or satellite offices.  Add phones as you need them with the same features as large PBX systems.  Grow up to 20 phones with this flexible system.


Bronze Package

  One 4610SW IP phones & power supply


Silver Package

  Two 4610SW IP phones & power supplies


Gold Package

  Two 4610SW IP phones & power supplies

  Two 4621SW IP phones & power supplies


Platinum Package

  Two 4610SW IP phones & power supplies

  Four 4621SW IP phones & power supplies



All Packages Also Include

  PSTN gateway to support up to four incoming lines

  One-year warranty on parts

  Free ˝-hour of phone support

  Free ground shipping


Upgrade 4610SW to 4621SW phone


Add a 4610SW phone & POE injector


Add a 4621SW phone & POE injector


Install the system yourself or hire our professional installers to install it for you

Supported Telephony Features:
Multiple call appearances: 3 on the 4610SW phone and 4 on a 4621SW phone
Simultaneous alerting: up to 10 extensions in a "group"
Call transfer
Caller ID / Call Logging
Shared directory of all extensions, personal directory, and speed-dials on each phone
3-party conferencing with up to 2 external callers
Music on Hold
Support for external paging speaker

Voicemail Features:
20 minutes of messages may be stored on each phone

Backup by other phones if a phone is down
Greetings & Prompts
Message Waiting Indicator
Redirect to Specified Extension
Telephone User Interface
Visual Voicemail
Message Monitoring
Message Sorting
Callback from Message

Auto Attendant Features:
Call Detection
Greetings and Prompts
Fixed Menu Support
Touchtone Digit Support
Rotary and Pulse Support
Escape to Designated Operator Extension
Blind Transfer
Transfer by Extension
Transfer by Name
Custom Greetings
Multi-Language Support


Useful Manuals:

System Administrator Guide

This guide provides instructions for administering all Avaya 4610SW/4621SW IP telephones and G10 PSTN gateways making up the one-X Quick Edition network. While administering these devices does not require the technical expertise of a traditional system administrator or IT professional, it is a good practice to make one person responsible for controlling the advanced system-wide features described in this guide.


Post Installation Checklist

Post Installation Checklist to be used by any individual(s) responsible for installation and administration, and then confirmation of a successful implementation of the one-X Quick Edition product.


G10 PSTN Gateway Installation Guide

This guide explains how to install an Avaya one-X Quick Edition G10 PSTN gateway and provides technical specifications about G10 PSTN gateways.


G10 PSTN Gateway Quick Installation Guide

Use the G10 PSTN Gateway to connect your Avaya one-X Quick Edition system to the local telephone network. If you have any 4610SW/4621SW IP telephones to install, install them first. Afterward, follow the simple steps below to install the G10 PSTN Gateway.


Telephone Quick Installation Guide

This document contains a summarized (four-step) installation procedure. For detailed step-by-step procedures, including variants of this procedure, refer to the Avaya one-X Quick Edition Telephone User Guide.


Remote access to Avaya one-X Quick Edition using Avaya Web Conferencing

Instructions to establish remote access to Avaya one-X Quick Edition using Avaya Web Conferencing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some the most frequently asked questions


Telephone User Guide

This guide covers how to install and use your new 4610SW/4621SW IP telephone. A 4610SW/4621SW IP telephone is simple to use while offering the latest advances in telephony systems. Your 4610SW/4621SW IP telephone obtains its operational characteristics from the software and settings on the telephone. Updates and new features can be downloaded to your telephone without needing to replace the telephone.

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