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IP Office Solution

Newly Released 3.2.67 & 4.2.14 Software


IP500 Platform

The newest member of the IP Office family it supports a maximum of 384 extensions and up to 12 expansion modules.



Expansion Modules  With expansion modules, IP Office can help you meet your changing or growing needs, while retaining the cost-effectiveness of your original investment as you need to add more digital and analog phones.


Software Components  A number of free and purchasable software options are available to enhance your IP Office with a variety of features.


Voicemail Pro  The addition of Voicemail Pro to IP Office, builds on the features and facilities offered by Voicemail Lite, and can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.


Free Software

Phone Manager Lite:  Provides basic telephony call control features to all users through their desktop PCs. Users can see caller ID’s, number dialed, call history, speed dials, and more.


Call Status:  The utility allows a PC to display information on current active calls, such as time, number dialed, and caller ID.


TAPI Lite:  The software implements Microsoft's TAPI, this allows you to initiate calls from Outlook, Lotus Notes, and other types of software.


Delta Server:  The call logger allows details of call records to be sent to a file, which can be used by a third party application to display station message detail recording (SMDR).


Voicemail Lite:  Basic 4-port voicemail free out of the box to run on a PC.


Manager:  A Windows-based administration tool that provides a simple user interface to facilitate moves, adds, and changes.


Digital Telephones 5400 Series

5420 Phone   5410 Phone   5402 Phone

IP Hardphones 5600 Series

5620 Phone   5610 Phone   5602 Phone
Additional Items

EU24 Expansion Module

for 5420 & 5620 Phones


6211 Analog Phone


3810 Cordless

Digital Phone


email address or phone number


Avaya IP Office 403

So what does VOIP or IP Telephony mean?

VOIP stands for "voice over internet protocols".  It is a technology used to transport a normal telephone call (voice) using an established Local Area or Wide Area Network.  A good example of a practical application using VOIP is where a company has more than one site and regularly communicates between them, sending and receiving data traffic over existing inter-company data circuits.  By having a VOIP, IP telephony solution, you could also use these existing data circuits to send and receive voice traffic between sites for no additional cost as if all the sites shared the same telephone system.

 Why is VOIP the new buzz word?

As companies strive for greater efficiency and to promote the optimum in cost effective working structures, the chance to increase functionality and at the same time save money is an extremely appealing possibility.  Communications is the life blood to all thriving businesses, and it can be a term used to describe a wide variety of mediums that we use today.  Two obvious candidates for this category are Telephony and our computer networks, and although we see them as crucial to our day to day activities, we have up till now seen them as separate entities.  Great benefits can be gained if ways can be found to unify these two methods of communication from an operational point of view.

IP Office everything a budding business needs in a full-featured telephone system and more . . .

IP Office delivers the powerful call handling capabilities for the busiest communications environments. It provides features and flexibility that enhance the performance and productivity of everyone who uses it. What really sets IP Office apart from communications solutions you may have used before are the innovative applications you can add that will transform the way you do business:

  • Integrate your customer database with IP Office's sophisticated call routing capabilities to deliver a new level of customer service.
  • Use intelligent caller ID and DID's to route calls around your receptionist.
  • Build a multimedia contact centre to support customers via the phone, e-mail or web chat.
  • Implement innovative call accounting capabilities that track calls, allocate costs and speed investment returns.
  • Distribute information quickly to large numbers of people (training, press conferences and briefings) with easy-to-use conferencing capabilities.
  • Integrate security and office management capabilities to remotely unlock doors, access fire/burglar alarms, monitor energy settings, and more.

By "converging" voice, data and Internet technologies in one solution, AVAYA IP Office is able to support all of these applications. Whether it's improving productivity, streamlining the flow of information or enhancing your customer service, the versatile AVAYA IP Office is designed to support the applications that will help you achieve your most important business goals.

Why choose Avaya over the others?

IP Office beats Nortel BCM, Siemens HiPath and others in June 2004 Yocom test evaluating the architecture, phones, management & administration, features and performance of systems.  Avaya and Siemens were the top-two finalist in State of Nebraska evaluation held at UNK to select phone system for over 800 state offices, beating out seven other competitors in the assessment.  Avaya ranked #1 in ten out of twelve categories compared to other vendors like Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, and was #1 in all six key US rankings: #1 Enterprise Telephone with 27%, #1 Traditional PBX with 36%, #1 IP Telephony with 25%, #1 Voicemail with 25%, #1 PBX Maintenance with 40%, #1 Traditional PBX<100 Extensions with 28%.  The numbers don't lie, Avaya is the correct choice for your telephony needs.


How IP trunking works to connect all my sites together?

Imagine your corporate office and all branch locations connected together as a single system.  Voice over IP trunking makes this possible by piggy-backing on your data connection to transmit calls.  The packets used to transmit the calls use an industry-standard data compression algorithm to squeeze their size down to minimize their impact on your data connection.  No more long distance charges between locations.  In addition any call made to any city that has a branch in it with also be free due to intelligent routing.  Imagine only one receptionist needed to handle all the locations.  Envision users connecting from home or on the road, and making and receiving calls just like they are in the office.  All long distance calls can be made out of one location if desired, maybe utilizing the cost-effectiveness of a long-distance T1.  Finally, all locations are survivable even if they lose the data connection, every location is a self-contain system.

Why select A.C. Technologies as your IP Office solution provider?

A.C. Technologies’ technicians have been working with the IP Office from day one.  Our technicians have experience in installing small businesses, large businesses, and multi-site locations.  A.C. Technologies’ staff includes three certified IP Office installers, one of which is a Technical Master.  Our staff does not approach the IP Office as only a phone solution, be we examine how it integrates into your entire infrastructure.  We provide every aspect of the project: system configuration, wiring, terminations, network design, VPN-connectivity, and whatever else is required to meet your telephony needs.  References are available for a wide-range of installations, covering different needs and conditions.  Please contact us at for name and numbers.


Software Release 4.2

Installation Manual

How To Use Manager 6.2


Button Programming

How To Use ystem Status

IP Office Knowledge Base

VPN Phone With Netgear FVX538


IP406V2 Product Correction

User CD 4.2.22

IPO Document CD

Administrative CD 4.2.14

Voicemail Pro CD 4.2.27


TAPI Application

Softconsole Application

Phone Manager Application

Product Description


IP Phone Installation

Voicemail Pro Installation

Embedded Voicemail Installation


Phone Manager User Guide

Embedded Voicemail User Guide

Software Release 3.2 & Manuals

Product Description Manual

Installation Manual

Manager Application Manual

Applications Installation Manual

Button Programming

Key & Lamp Operations Manual

Virtual Private Networking Manual

CTI Link Manual

Embedded Voicemail Manual

Voicemail Lite Manual

Voicemail Pro Manual

Voicemail Pro Exercises

Voicemail Pro Outcalling

Centralized Voicemail Pro

System Monitor Manual

Wireless Installation Guide

Delta Server/SMDR

IP Phone Installation

RS232 Port Interface

User CD 3.2.39

IPO Document CD

Administrative CD 3.2.67

Voicemail Pro CD 3.2.38

Compact Contact Center CD

Conference Center CD 3.2.18


TAPI Application

Softconsole Application

Phone Manager Application


Upgrade Bulletin


Jazz Music File For Hold


Music On Hold



Small Community Networking

Analog Phone User's Guide

5402 Phone User's Guide

5410 Phone User's Guide

5420 Phone & EU24 User's Guide

4400 & 6400 User Guide

5601 IP Phone User's Guide

5602 IP Phone User's Guide

5610 IP Phone User's Guide

5620 IP Phone & EU24 User's Guide

3600 Series Wireless User's Guide


Phone Manager User's Guide

Softconsole User's Guide

Call Status User's Guide

Embedded Voicemail User's Guide

Voicemail Lite User's Guide

Voicemail Pro User's Guide

Mobile Twinning User's Guide

Software Release 3.1

IPO Voicemail Pro CD 3.1.21

Administrative CD 3.1.65

IPO BIN Files 3.1.65

IPO User CD 3.1.22

Software Release 2.x

IPO Voicemail Pro CD 2.1.26

Upgrade Technical Bulletin

Administrative CD 2.1.78

IPO BIN Files 2.1.77

IPO User CD 2.1.20


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