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Konftel 50

practical conference unit for the office
The unit's perfect sound quality makes this the smarter way to hold meetings. The Konftel 50 is a flexible unit – perfect for efficient audio conferences from your desk or in smaller meeting rooms. Connects to system phones, DECT and mobile phones. For connection to computers too.


• Portable unit – simple to connect and use

• Requires no dedicated telephone line or subscription

• Connects to most system phones, DECT and mobile phones

• Can also be connected to your telephone or computer using IP telephony

• Keypad with volume, mute and trimming buttons

• Compatible with telephone features, e.g. three-way calling

• Can be used together with a headset

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Konftel 100

the hassle free conference phone
The Konftel 100 is the optimal conference phone for the smaller meeting room. It provides perfect sound quality with all the functions for every conferencing requirement. The smarter way to hold regular meetings.


• Practical unit, simple to connect and use
• For analogue line (PSTN)
• Keypad with a redial button

• F-button for multi-party calls

•  Volume control and a mute button
• Conference button for speed dialing

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Konftel 200

the powerful conference phone for efficient meetings
The Konftel 200 is a powerful conference phone that works perfectly in both small and large meeting rooms. With superb sound quality and easy-to-use functions, it can also be extended with additional microphones.


• A sophisticated unit, simple to connect and use
• For analogue connection (PSTN)
• Large illuminated display
• Keypad
• User-friendly menu system
• Tape recorder output
• Expansion microphones and remote control as optional



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GN 9120 Wireless

freedom and productivity
The GN 9120 is a wireless headset that works the way today’s in-office professionals work. Offering an unbeatable range of personal mobility in the office, a robust talk time and a host of innovative features and benefits, the revolutionary GN 9120 will give complete wireless freedom in the office.  The GN 9120 comes with a choice of three different boom arms equipped with different microphones to suit quieter or louder office environments..


• Robust talk time and unbeatable range
• 64-bit encryption to make sure all calls are secure
• Available in midi, flexboom and soundtube boom styles

• Can wear it either over the head or over the ear

GN 2100

GN 2200

Stratus Ultra-G

GN 2100 Series, GN 2200 Series & Stratus Ultra-G Corded

the perfect corded solution for any need
The GN 2100 is the state-of-the-art, professional headset for today’s enterprise delivering unsurpassed sound quality and crystal clear conversation. The headset’s lightweight, sleek styling enhances one’s professional image and comfort – as well as productivity.


The GN 2200 delivers professional performance and great value. It’s the smart headset investment decision that doesn’t compromise on sound quality or durability. The noise-canceling microphone reduces interference from background noise, making the GN 2200 ideal for noisier work environments.


The versatile Stratus Ultra-G gives you a choice of headband and ear capsule wearing styles, plus the ability to easily switch from one style to the other in seconds. The Stratus Ultra-G also features our patented, adjustable ear wing for a custom, on-the-ear fit as well as soft foam ear cushions for all-day wearing comfort. And, the flexible non-kink microphone boom ensures long-term durability and reliability. Comfort, convenience, clarity and cost-effectiveness is the essence of the Stratus Ultra-G.


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GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter

maximize your freedom to roam
The GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter is the perfect accessory for your GN Netcom wireless headset system. With the GN 1000, you can answer and end calls, from wherever your wireless headset takes you. It’s easy to install, and its one-button operation means ease of use  The GN 1000 senses the magnetic field the speaker generates when your phone rings, which means you'll never miss a call or be signaled when there isn’t a call. Its solid mechanical lifting components won’t let you down either. It’s compatible with and works with virtually all business telephones.


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